What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the science of using and modifying biological material in order to develop products and organisms for specific use. This is a rapidly expanding field of science with enormous potential for both improving life and providing a growing source of well paying technical jobs.

Biotechnology in San Diego

San Diego is home to one of the world's largest clusters of biotechnology companies, including more than 500 biomedical companies (Source: San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation). San Diego's biotech cluster employs an estimated 40,000 people and has a $9.1 billion annual impact on the local economy (Source: Rich's San Diego BioScience Directory, San Diego Assoc. of Governments). The demand and need for individuals skilled and trained in biotechnology is increasing.

Some of the biotechnology companies and research institutions located in San Diego include:

Industry Support for BETSI

The San Diego biotechnology industry supports the BETSI Model and is a key component to the success of the project and the students it serves.

The BETSI Model works closely with the local biotechnology industry, research institutes and universities to offer employment, training and internship opportunities. Industry representatives who have worked with the BETSI Model were surveyed and would recommend the Biotechnology Program at Southwestern College to students seeking a biotechnology career and to colleagues with positions in the field. In addition, they have affirmed that they would hire students trained at the Biotechnology Program at Southwestern College.

We invite companies or institutions interested in providing internship opportunities to the BETSI Model, to contact Nouna Bakhiet, Ph.D, Jon Atwater, Ph.D. or Saida Perez, B.S.