Community Outreach

BETSI Leadership Institute

BLI 09 participants learn about PCR   BLI 09 participants using pipettors

The BETSI Leadership Institute (BLI) offers lectures and hands-on laboratory experiments to high school teachers and selected students that focus on biotechnology instruction appropriate to the high school. The Leadership Institute also trains teachers and students on the use of equipment that is available through the BETSI Mobile Lab.

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  • Training and professional development for high school biology teachers and selected high school students
  • Selected high school students in the Leadership Institute serve as BETSI Ambassadors and role models in their biology classes
  • Incorporation of hands-on biotechnology activities reinforces the high school biology curriculum
  • Biotechnology lessons are used to teach hundreds of high school students
  • Free access to the BETSI Mobile Lab for high school biology teachers who have participated in the Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute Materials