Community Outreach

Student Workshops in the Applications of Biotechnology (SWAB)

Happy participants at SWAB Spring 09   High school student participant
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SWAB logo SWAB offers mtDNA ancestry analysis and provides students real world, hands-on experience in biotechnology. During these workshops students (and parents) will determine their common maternal ancestors and investigate their migration patterns across the world. Students and their parents will learn about the educational opportunities in Biotechnology and the student support services provided at Southwestern College.

Workshop Summary

  • For students and parents of Sweetwater Union High School District students and Southwestern College students
  • For students with an interest in biotechnology
  • Includes a biotechnology activity and lab experience where participants will determine their common maternal ancestors and investigate their migration patterns across the world.
  • Covers the educational and career opportunities in biotechnology
  • Includes information about BETSI outreach, the Southwestern College Biotechnology Program and post-graduation options
  • Speaker presentations which may include industry scientists or Biotechnology Program graduates who will share personal experiences
  • Workshops are one Saturday, eight hour workshops.

Informational Brochures

For more information, contact Abby Caschetta at or 619-421-6700 ext. 5955.

BETSI Leadership Institute (BLI)

BLI 09 participants watch bands on gels   Plasmids transformed with green fluorescent protiens
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Workshop Summary

  • Training and professional development for high school biology teachers and selected high school students
  • Guidance on the incorporation of hands-on biotechnology activities to reinforce the high school biology curriculum
  • Selected high school students participants serve as BETSI Ambassadors and role models in their biology classes
  • Five day, paid summer workshop held on the campus of Southwestern College

Additional Information

For more information, contact Jonathan Atwater at or 619-421-6700 ext. 5707.