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SWC Biotechnology Program and BETSI Model National Video Release
The BETSI Model and the Southwestern College Biotechnology Program were highlighted by ATETV as one of the success stories from community colleges and Advanced Technological Education (ATE) programs nationwide.

Biotechnology Internships

A Biotechnology Program Reaches Out to the Community

A Student Explains Why She Chose to Attend a Community College

Closing the Biotech Gender Gap

Purifying Protein
Students loading a crude cell extract containing green or blue flourescent protein on a chromatography column. This procedure separates the green and blue flourescent proteins from other proteins in a cell extract. Elution of the flourescent protein is monitored with a ultraviolet light. Click to download QuickTime

Blue and Green Protein
A student shows off her purified flourescent proteins using a ultraviolet light. The flourescent protein purification was successful. Click to download QuickTime